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The Department of Sociology offers undergraduate courses in Sociology and Social Psychology. The Department also provides courses in various subjects related to the Sociology of Working Life. The Department of Sociology is also involved in a number of joint study programmes with other departments.

A variety of graduate courses, for example in sociological theory and research methodology, are offered each year. Some of the courses are taught in the English language.

The Department has strong research teams in different areas for example Ageing, Culture and Media, Ethnicity, Gender, Information and Knowledge, Labour Market and Working Life and Welfare State Research.


TEDxUmeå – 8 May – at Norrlandsoperan and live

On Tuesday May 8, TEDxUmeå will be held for the fifth consecutive year. The list of speakers includes two researchers from Umeå University: Abrak Saati at the Department of Political Science, and Malcolm Fairbrother at the Department of Sociology. TEDx is a platform for knowledge exchange, reflectio...

How to get from low-wage to better paid job positions

With funding from the Swedish Research Council, Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Department of Sociology, together with Daniel Larsson (Department of Sociology), Xavier de Luna (Umeå School of Business, Economics and Statistics) and Rikard Eriksson (Department of Geography and Economic History) will study you...

Endosisters project recieves funding

The Wallenberg Foundations have approved funding for the DIGSUM research project EndoSisters: Information work and peer-support in a digitally embodied patient movement — a three-year project analysing the online patient movement related to endometriosis, a chronic gynaecological condition affecting...

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UtlysningThe department of Sociology is recruiting a Postdoctoral researcher in Sociology

More information and apply before 30.Nov.2018

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